GB3SA is now QRT

Sadly, the repeater keeper has had to move out of the area, taking the repeater with him. At this stage there are no plans to get GB3SA back on air.

Information on the GB3SA repeater, based in Stamford Lincolnshire, and associated activities.

Repeater transmit frequency :   430.9625 MHz
Repeater Receive frequency :    438.5625 MHz
CTCSS sub audio tone:              82.5 Hz

Bandwidth:                                Narrow 12.5khz Bandwidth
Carrier deviation:                       2.5khz Maximum.
ERP Output:                             8.5dBW
Repeater power:                        1.0W

The repeater has a 2 minute timeout with no ‘K’ so please wait for the carrier to drop between overs.

Appox coverage of GB3SA