Amateur Radio

If you are interested in knowing more about getting on air and enjoying this fascinating hobby, please contact us for more information. We will be happy to help get you started!

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Listen to GB3SA

You can listen to live transmissions on GB3SA by following this link

Transmissions are delayed by about 30s, following an advert which is how we get to use this facility for free.

Thanks to Ben Topham G5REV for working out how to do this


New WSPR Record

The 10m WSPR beacon hit a new DX record on Sat 20th February 2021, being heard 2,890km away in the Canary Islands on 10m using only 5 watts.

All Band DX records for G8IOA

Band Callsign Distance (km) Date
10m EA8BFK 2,890 20/2/21
6m SM0DXT 1,364 17/11/20
4m SWLIO83 141 6/2/21
2m IO91SWL 158 18/10/20
70cm G4AGE 82 18/2/21


Information Technical

Radio Rev

Radio Rev, aka Ben Topham G5REV is a regular user of GB3SA and has started a very useful YouTube channel for anyone interested in amateur Radio. You can find his videos here.