Welcome to GB3SA, the local repeater covering Stamford and the surrounding area

Stamford lies in the valley of the River Welland, with hills to the North and South of the town. Although the hills are not that high, they are enough to inhibit good propagation in those directions to make hitting a repeater difficult for many amateurs within the town.

The repeater is situated just outside Stamford on higher ground and so gives good coverage in and around Stamford on a handheld radio, often indoors as well.

Whilst it is low power, the repeater has a reasonable footprint – particularity to the East with access possible from Boston.

We hope that you enjoy using the repeater – if anyone would like to know more about the hobby, please see the contact page for more details.

GB3SA was hand built and is maintained by the repeater keeper Phil Crockford G8IOA

Assistant repeater keepers:
Steve Marsh M0NMA
Martin Yallop G4YNT

Updated 16/9/23